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Open University Cyprus

The Open University of Cyprus (OUC) is the second (in order of establishment) public university of Cyprus. OUC aims to fill an important gap in the Cypriot higher education system, offering accredited distance learning degrees at all levels (undergraduate, master and doctoral). In the OUC, constraints such as time, local limitations, age, occupational status, or family responsibilities, are lessened and do not inhibit the creation of an appropriate learning environment.

The mission of the Open University of Cyprus is to provide high quality academic programmes, to promote scientific research and to effectively utilise educational technology, methodology and teaching method in open and distance learning. Further, OUC aspires to distinguish its position in the Cypriot and broader European educational communities as an innovative university delivering teaching to students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting, such as a classroom, via a state of the art technological infrastructure and educational methodology.

All the study programmes offered by the Open University of Cyprus are based on modern educational systems, new technological advances, and refined ground for the interested participants, at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, and training in the context of lifelong learning). OUC is equivalent to any other recognized university in the world, regardless of its educational methodology (conventional or distance learning). The degrees awarded are equivalent to all accredited universities worldwide, regardless of the educational methodology used - conventional or not. The University's academic programmes are allocated with ECTS credit units, which facilitate comparability of study programmes and the integration of students at the receiving institution, whether at the OUC or any other university in Europe.

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